Why Your Business Needs A Social Media Presence – A Real Life Example

If you don’t know, I’ve launched a couple of blogs recently. One of them is a new personal blog – rhyswynne.co.uk. It’s more theraputic, where I can blog about anything & everything, rather than making money (“Shock Horror!” I hear people shout).

One such post that has received an amazing amount of traction is about The Dulcimer in Chorlton closing down. The Dulcimer is my local pub in Manchester, that last week reports began to surface that it closed. Or has it? You see, searching on Twitter seems to suggest that it has only closed for a refurbishment. Comments on my article seems to suggest that too. However, in the last few days a lot of comments have been made saying yes it had closed for good.

Writing the post that has bob on SEO, a few tweets & an aged domain means that it fared fairly well in the search engine rankings for relevant phrases. In the last couple of days this is the Google Analytics profile for search engine traffic featuring the word “Dulcimer”:-

Okay, not a huge amount, but it’s quite a lot, and these are people that want to find out about the Dulcimer. The Dulcimer does have a website, and it ranks #1 for a lot of it’s feed, but it looks like it hasn’t been touched in ages.

Having a social media presence, be it a Facebook page, a Twitter feed or even just a blog immediately gives you two advantages over people like myself when they blog.

  1. You Can Relate News Exactly As You Want It- With social media, you have busybodies like myself posting & filling in the gaps. That post wouldn’t have been written if there had been official word on the website.
  2. You Can Censor The Discussion - I’m not one for advocating censorship, as everybody is allowed to express an opinion, but think how many hotels have had problems because the Trip Advisor website has been the source of discussion, rather than a guest book or comment book on the site? I’m not saying delete bad criticism (unless it’s unnecessarily offensive), but why not deal with it publicly? People screw up all the time. How you deal with it is crucial. This is far easier to do with a recognised online brand – rather than on a blog post written by one of your customers.

Don’t get me wrong, when it comes to beer & cheeseboards I love The Dulcimer. Most people do, that’s why we would love to know what’s going on.

Not sure how to use twitter or start a blog? Please contact me & I can help!

5 thoughts on “Why Your Business Needs A Social Media Presence – A Real Life Example

  1. IMO, I don’t think its a question of censorship really Rhys – just management.

    I think Social Media goes hand in glove with Brand Management.

    The more any Company talks with you on an interpersonal level,
    the more involved you feel – that’s human nature.

    If I ran a big Company, I’d have Social Media ‘Ambassadors’ working to talk about the Company, and chat to customers, give out a few freebies, run a few competitions with prizes, host visits to the HQ of the Comapny , etc etc etc

    Involvement and interaction

    • Censorship was probably the wrong word to use! I used it as on my post I any comment through – even those with an axe to grind with the owners. These comments are unlikely to be posted on official blog posts.

  2. At my day job, we help large oil and gas companies do everything from train their employees to create and manage communications. Having your own social media presence is essential, even if you do have 55,000 employees worldwide, eh?

  3. Hi Rhys,
    Social media I think is vital to a company these days. Similar to you (involving pubs) I chatted to my local landlord, he knew I did a bit with the internet, he asked if it could help him drum up more trade. I answered yes of course. His next question was how. He now has a Twitter account and a FB fan page. He posts about any live music, quizzes etc coming up in the pub. His trade has more than doubled.
    I now get free beer. Bloody cool if you ask me.

    • Gah! I hate you! I always wanted to be the one to get free beer for doing some social stuff!

      Thanks for the comment :D

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