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Rhys Wynne

Rhys Wynne is the senior editor at Winwar Media's blog, with over 8 years experience in blogging, and enjoys creating WordPress plugins. You can follow Rhys on Twitter.

Posts by Rhys Wynne:

Easy Digital Downloads – Taxamo Integration 1.4 Released


Today I’m delighted to announce the release of Easy Digital Downloads – Taxamo Integration v1.4. This version fixes a pretty major bug for shops outside the EU, and has been tested with Easy Digital Downloads version 2.3, so if you’re outside the EU, it’s pretty much an essential update. Tax Reporting Outside The EU About…

How To Remove Jetpack Related Posts Nofollow Attribute


Recently I’ve had an issue on one site where the client requested all internal links on a site to be marked as dofollow. Most links within posts, pages and within sidebar plugins were fine, however problems arose when using the related posts plugin. We have been using the Jetpack Related Posts plugins mainly due to…

Inline Tweet Sharer v1.5 Released


Today I’m delighted to announce that Inline Tweet Sharer v1.5 is released! This plugin adds a bunch of new default functionality, allowing you to quickly create tweetable assets almost automatically. Default Settings The main new feature is the “Default Settings”. This allows you to set a default prefix & suffix so that if they’re not…

WP Flipclock 1.4 Released


Today I’m delighted to announce the release of WP Flipclock version 1.4! This version mainly adds on a bunch of new features to the plugin, so if you wish to take advantage of these features, please upgrade. Timezone Attribute We’ve introduced a timezone attribute. This will allow you to set the timezone for when the countdown…

Using Buffer, Remember the Milk & IFTTT To Improve Your Blog Marketing


Something I noticed recently was this great post from Garrett Moon on the Problogger blog which details 10 Simple Hacks That Will Increase Your Blog Traffic. On there is a great infographic which details when you should promote your content. When it comes to promotion on social media, you’ve a lot of noise. According to Buffer, the…

Easy Digital Downloads – Taxamo Integration v1.3 Released


Today I’m delighted to announce the release v1.3 of Easy Digital Downloads – Taxamo Integration. This version fixes a fair few bugs, and is a recommended upgrade. Speed Increase One of the biggest bug bears for users on the site is the speed. The plugin was always quite slow due to the amount of API…

Easy Digital Downloads – Taxamo Integration v1.2 Launched


Tonight I’m delighted to announce the release of Easy Digital Downloads – Taxamo Integration, version 1.2! This release fixes a bunch of bugs and adds a translation. Free Transactions – Fixed Issues One thing that became apparent once we released this plugin was that people occasionally used free transactions on their site, usually this has been…

Thank a Plugin Author By Helping Fight Negative SEO


One post that did the rounds recently was Ryan D. Sullivan’s Negative SEO attack. It resonated with me, to some effect, as I used to cut my teeth in the SEO community as an SEO’er. I used to know people who orchestrated Negative SEO attacks, and was on the receiving end of a few myself. Unfortunately,…