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Get The Posts Page URL Dynamically in WordPress

Here’s something I discovered recently, and shows what’s cool about WordPress – it’s so big, that you could discover something that other people will find relatively straightforward. Previously in WordPress I had been building themes with links to other pages as being static. This has worked out well for a number of years. However recently a…

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ebay Feeds for WordPress 1.7 Released

Today I’m delighted to announce the release of eBay Feeds for WordPress v1.7 (and also 1.7.1)! This version introduces the ability to switch off feed caching. Recently we’ve spotted issues whereby feeds were being cached incorrectly. Although I’m not 100% sure that this fixes the issues that we’re having, it has fixed it a few…

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Getting Aesop Story Engine’s Chapters to Work in Twenty Thirteen (and Other Themes)

Recently I’ve been working on getting a presentation ready for WordPress Leeds. Unlike previous presentations I make, this one has been prepared well in advance, with me taking advantage of Cyprus airports’ generous WiFi hotspots and also pool time. The presentation is on Aesop Story Engine, a plugin I discovered fairly recently thanks to working…

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Thoughts on WordPress Sheffield Hack Day 2015

So over the weekend just gone I attended the WP Sheffield hack day, which was the first time I’d been to that event. It’s just that little bit far for me to attend on a school night, but I was more than happy to go to an event over the weekend, as I have a little bit more…

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WP Flipclock 1.6 Released

Today I’m delighted to announce the release of WP Flipclock 1.6! This plugin introduces a new feature, requested by a couple of users. Hide Labels On Timed Countdowns/Countups The brand new feature basically hides the labels above the clock items, so if you want to keep your clock looking clean, you simply need to add…

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Easy Digital Downloads – Taxamo Integration v1.6 Released

Today I’m delighted to announce the release of Easy Digital Downloads – Taxamo Integration v1.6! This release, which I have worked with a little bit with Taxamo on, improves integration & reporting. Integration With Taxamo’s Invoicing Features Taxamo recently allowed you to invoice customers from their dashboard. These invoicing features are a premium addon and a few people who use my plugin requested…

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When Only Average Is Good Enough

So two things has stood out for me in the past week or so, one was a an article, the other was an event. The event is Summer Games Done Quick. This event, that takes place twice a year in America,  sees the world’s best speedrunners compete and complete video games as quick as they can.…

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Donations for WordPress Work – Time To Revaluate?

Last week I had something incredibly rare: a donation to one of my plugins! The amount is irrelevant, but was very generously received and it put a smile on my face. So a huge thank you to Alyssa who saw fit to donate to the Inline Tweet Sharer project. Thanks again. WordPress Monetisation – The…

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