How To Test Software With Fiverr

If you read anywhere near the scale of blogs I do, you get the hard sell on various pieces of software a lot. Often a lot of the reviews of things are positive and the software’s official website are often those long sales pages that look basic, promise the world & are difficult to leave. However, I’ve bought software from similar sites & been very happy with them. I’ve also bought some crap before now and whilst you can get refunds, it can be tricky.

Recently though, the amount of poor software I have bought has dropped considerably, how have I done it? Simple – I’ve used Fiverr.

What is Fiverr?

Fiverr is the next big thing in marketplaces, my twitter feed raves about it, ViperChill raved about it, I love it. Basically it lists jobs and tasks that people are willing to do for $5. It was in ViperChill’s comments that I shared this technique, in this post I’ll expand what I mean.

How To Use Fiverr To Test Software

When you login to Fiverr, you need to search for the name of the software you’re looking for in the search box in the left hand column and press enter.

Unless you’re really unlucky, you should get a list of gigs and tasks for $5. Then you simply pick a user (known as a seller) to test the software (some of them are really in your favour. For example, I searched for ArticleRanks and found some people selling five article submissions (that cost $10) for $5!

You need to carry out a small amount due dilligence to help eliminate time wasters. It’s definitely a buyer’s market with Fiverr protecting you but things I would look out for are the following:-

  • Amount of feedback - Obvious Really
  • Date since last feedback - A lot of gigs receive no feedback whatsoever. The gigs with recent feedback are probably the ones you want to look at.
  • What’s needed from you - Often before work begins you need to supply some items to the seller. This as well is a good indication of what you need to run the software should you decide to use it. Obviously you don’t want to pay $5 and then help your contractor carry out the task.

Don’t rely solely on feedback though, as it can be gamed, but as it’s only $5 per task, it’s a great way to test run software.

One Thing To Bear In Mind

Problems can arise however should sellers not deliver on the task. This is unfortunate but not particularly avoidable (for $5, you cannot expect the world). This has happened to me once before: the seller to had a family illness and asked me to cancel. Which was fine, I’m not a complete slave driver!

Unfortunately, when I cancelled, I got this message:-

I knew that there was a problem well before the end of the task thanks to my seller being responsive, but I couldn’t cancel until after the end of the expected delivery time.

Furthermore, instead of getting your $5, it goes into credit on the site. So although you aren’t out of pocket & can use it on the site, you’ll never see your $5 again.

Why Your Business Needs A Social Media Presence – A Real Life Example

If you don’t know, I’ve launched a couple of blogs recently. One of them is a new personal blog – It’s more theraputic, where I can blog about anything & everything, rather than making money (“Shock Horror!” I hear people shout).

One such post that has received an amazing amount of traction is about The Dulcimer in Chorlton closing down. The Dulcimer is my local pub in Manchester, that last week reports began to surface that it closed. Or has it? You see, searching on Twitter seems to suggest that it has only closed for a refurbishment. Comments on my article seems to suggest that too. However, in the last few days a lot of comments have been made saying yes it had closed for good.

Writing the post that has bob on SEO, a few tweets & an aged domain means that it fared fairly well in the search engine rankings for relevant phrases. In the last couple of days this is the Google Analytics profile for search engine traffic featuring the word “Dulcimer”:-

Okay, not a huge amount, but it’s quite a lot, and these are people that want to find out about the Dulcimer. The Dulcimer does have a website, and it ranks #1 for a lot of it’s feed, but it looks like it hasn’t been touched in ages.

Having a social media presence, be it a Facebook page, a Twitter feed or even just a blog immediately gives you two advantages over people like myself when they blog.

  1. You Can Relate News Exactly As You Want It- With social media, you have busybodies like myself posting & filling in the gaps. That post wouldn’t have been written if there had been official word on the website.
  2. You Can Censor The Discussion - I’m not one for advocating censorship, as everybody is allowed to express an opinion, but think how many hotels have had problems because the Trip Advisor website has been the source of discussion, rather than a guest book or comment book on the site? I’m not saying delete bad criticism (unless it’s unnecessarily offensive), but why not deal with it publicly? People screw up all the time. How you deal with it is crucial. This is far easier to do with a recognised online brand – rather than on a blog post written by one of your customers.

Don’t get me wrong, when it comes to beer & cheeseboards I love The Dulcimer. Most people do, that’s why we would love to know what’s going on.

Not sure how to use twitter or start a blog? Please contact me & I can help!

Make Today Your Domain Day

Keep a hold of your best domains!

In a few short days in the UK, there will be a VAT increase from 17.5% to 20%. Whilst it makes things easier to work out, it does mean that things are more expensive.

Now would be a good time to pay as much as you can in advance before the VAT goes up, particularly things that don’t need to renew in the next 12 months.

Something like domain names.

For the amount you could save if you have a lot of domains to renew, it could be worthwhile to renew them now, instead of next week, when it’s more expensive.

So make today your domain day!

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