Can We Kill Crap Titles Please?

Do you know what really irks me when it comes to blogging?

People trying to outdo each other with titles.

The icing on the cake was a title a week ago I read on a less than reputable blog which was “10 Least Vitally Dangerous Aspects of SEO”. Eh? That title doesn’t make me want to click, it makes me want to slap the writer. I’m not the only one – it’s touched on by Unmemorable Title before now.

Unfortunately, like the greatest ever Liverpool XI, a post listing the top 10 of something is deeply subjective (unless of course, it’s based on fact,  like “Liverpool’s top 10 goal scorers”).

It’s poor writing. So, here’s my two tips for great titles:-

  • Use Only One Superlative - Otherwise you don’t fall over yourself contradicting yourself. Try to use a descriptive one (rather than “Best”).
  • If Your Post Begins With A Number…Write it Out - I saw this used brilliantly by Ali Luke on this post on Problogger. I just think it looks neater and more clickable. Not entirely sure why, any copywriters out there?

There my two tips for titles, what are yours? Leave your thoughts in the comments!