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Rhys Wynne

Rhys Wynne is the senior editor at Winwar Media's blog, with over 8 years experience in blogging, and enjoys creating WordPress plugins. You can follow Rhys on Twitter.

Posts by Rhys Wynne:

Hello WordCamp Edinburgh, I’m Rhys


I haven’t done one of these for a while, but WordCamp Edinburgh is this weekend and I’m looking forward to it immensely. This is the third WordCamp this year (behind London & Manchester), and the first one outside of the country (yeah, as a Welshman, I recognise Scotland as a separate country!). I look forward…

Analytics Tracking for WordPress Plugins – How I Do It


I heard a fascinating podcast recently on Apply Filters Podcast, which detailed proper Google Analytics tracking. A lot of developers are pretty terrible at marketing and SEO, and many of them also don’t properly attribute their links and where they come from. A few months ago I was in the same boat, which really gave…

WP Taxi Me Premium v1.4 Released!


Today I’m delighted to announce the release of WP Taxi Me Premium 1.4! This addon to the premium version of WP Taxi Me adds one of the most requested features for the plugin – the ability to add multiple buttons to the site. Multiple Buttons Previously you were limited by one button even in the…

Discontinuation of Easy Digital Downloads – Taxamo Integration


So this release of Easy Digital Downloads – Taxamo Integration will be the final one released under it’s current guise. The release number – 1.6.2 – fixes a small bug (which is detailed below). Why Discontinue It? In short, it is a bit of a time suck. The plugin was made basically as an internal…

Important Change in eBay Feeds for WordPress 1.7.2


I was unsure exactly if I was going to mention this or write a post about this, but I thought I may. eBay Feeds for WordPress 1.7.2 has been released. This has fixed an minor small bug detailed here, which was a legacy style, but it could affect your site. In short, I’ve removed the default…

Things Learned from Organising WordCamp Manchester in 130 Days


So I’m writing this at the tail end of a very successful WordCamp Manchester, which was held on the weekend of October 10th. So far, from checking the twitter chatter and blog posts, it appears to have been a great success, and thanks to no small part to all the volunteers, sponsors, organisers & speakers.…

Get The Posts Page URL Dynamically in WordPress


Here’s something I discovered recently, and shows what’s cool about WordPress – it’s so big, that you could discover something that other people will find relatively straightforward. Previously in WordPress I had been building themes with links to other pages as being static. This has worked out well for a number of years. However recently a…

ebay Feeds for WordPress 1.7 Released


Today I’m delighted to announce the release of eBay Feeds for WordPress v1.7 (and also 1.7.1)! This version introduces the ability to switch off feed caching. Recently we’ve spotted issues whereby feeds were being cached incorrectly. Although I’m not 100% sure that this fixes the issues that we’re having, it has fixed it a few…

How To Effectively Track Buffered Tweets in Google Analytics Using IFTTT


Recently I was listening to the Apply Filters podcast. In Episode 45 they discussed Google Analytics tracking for their projects. It’s something I should do better, but at the moment I’ve not been playing around with it too much. One area that I am looking to optimise is the automatic tweets that I have running on the Winwar Media…